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 Civil Litigation Investigations

In most civil litigation, a witness can make or break your case. We have been highly successful in locating the relative witnesses to your case and report the information that necessary to present your case. 

Our attorney clients are the absolute best in their fields. We have worked with some of the largest law firms in the State of Arkansas and the Nation. 

Hopkins Investigations is a proud ATLA Justice Partner. 


Domestic Relations Investigations​

There are unfortunate situations in families that require securing evidence so that the best interest of the child can be presented to the court for it's consideration. Let us secure the evidence that is needed for the courts to make the proper decisions about your family matters.   

Hopkins Investigations work with the best Family Law Firms in Arkansas to present evidence to the courts to get the best possible outcome of your case.

We have presented countless hours of court testimony, video and photographic evidence admitted for the courts consideration. 


        Asset Investigations

Asset investigations provide you information you need to make an informed decision whether to pursue a case against a debtor or defendant. We offer bank and brokerage information that is GLB compliant and  how to determine what tangible assets your subject possesses.

Hopkins Investigations casts a wide net to research public, social  and financial records to determine how to  establish your subject assets or how to collect on what is owed to you.  


   Background Investigations


         Subpoena Service


       Skip Trace and Locate Services​

 An approved Investigative Services contractor for the state of Arkansas.

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