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Mission Statement

Hopkins Investigations exists to investigate claims and incidents for our clients who need assistance collecting evidence to present in court that is legally obtained and clearly presented so that justice can be obtained.

Jon Hopkins

Jon Hopkins is the Chief Investigator and Founder of Hopkins & Associates, L.P. I. in 2004. Jon began his law enforcement career in a county Sheriff's Office in Arkansas in 1993. Jon was quickly promoted into the detective division where he learned the investigative process. While assigned as a detective, homicide, sexual assault, child abuse, burglary, theft and forgery were normal case assignments. 

It wasn't long before Jon realized he had more criminal cases than was manageable for one person to be able to investigate thoroughly. Jon also realized that he wanted to provide a thorough complete investigation locating and collecting every piece of evidence that was available. With a large case load, an investigator has to document the information that is readily available, write it up and move on. This does not do the case or the victim justice. At times, because of mere volume of cases, victims fell through the cracks.  

Jon later served as an Arkansas Game and Fish Commission Wildlife Officer in field and special operations throughout the state of Arkansas and was asked to serve as the Chief of Police in a small Arkansas town close to where he grew up. 

In 2001, Jon shifted his career into private investigation and began investigating abuse and neglect of the elderly that occurred in nursing homes nationwide. This is a very unique environment and investigating this type of abuse and/ or neglect requires an understanding of the operations and positions of an elder care facility. Jon continues to make neglect and abuse that occurs in nursing homes and assisted living facilities a main part of his business. 

Jon has advanced this type of investigative process and applied it to other areas of investigation. Motor vehicle accidents, commercial vehicle accidents, motorcycle accidents, slip and fall injuries, medical malpractice, human sex trafficking and other types of liability investigations involving serious physical injury and wrongful death are investigated regularly.

As an Arkansas Trial Lawyers Association Justice Partner, Hopkins Investigations enjoys investigating civil matters involved in litigation with the greatest organization of trial lawyers in the nation. Along with nursing home and assisted living abuse and neglect cases, Hopkins Investigations consistently gathers testimony from witnesses involved in various types of civil litigation for the ATLA members. 

Hopkins Investigations has developed a very complete process of locating assets for various reasons. By researching social media sites, public records and vendor provided records, a very complete report of a subject's assets are reported. 


The one guiding principle that accelerates Hopkins Investigations above other investigation companies, is that every case is important to the person who has been affected. Whether it is an injury in which liability has to be determined or a child that needs to be protected, we are here for you. We believe you deserve justice and someone working hard utilizing the very best techniques to prove your case.

Thank you for taking the time to review our information. If you have an investigative need, we hope you'll contact us and let us develop an investigative strategy to obtain the evidence you need to win your case. 


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