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Death Investigations 

Recently we were contracted to investigate the death of a family member where the facts were suspicious and the case had grown cold by law enforcement. Investigators were able to work with law enforcement to determine DNA present on the trigger of the firearm did not match DNA on the handle. The DNA on the trigger did not match the victim. Investigators were also able to uncover information that the suspect had a window of less than twenty-four hours for the victim to harm himself and the suspect would receive several thousand dollars. The suspect had also been shopping properties days prior to receiving funds from the estate. These facts as well as others helped to get the family the answers they were seeking and the estate settlement disputed. The family was awarded more than a million dollars by an Arkansas jury.    


Nursing Home Abuse and Neglect 

A families complaint of suspected neglect in a nursing home resulted in an investigation into the care of the resident provided by the facility. Investigators were able to locate former employees who provided testimony that provided proof that the lack of staff, supplies and equipment resulted in medication errors, falls and a lack of turning and re-positioning that resulted in a pressure sore to the residents back. The case was settled and the family received the answers they were seeking and justice for their loved one.       


Asset Investigations 

A family was promised that if they would drop their case against a business that took their money, they would be repaid what money they were owed. The business signed a promissory note that the funds would be repaid within 60 days. Numerous attempts were made to get the business to pay the money they owed. Investigators were able to locate tangible assets including a banking relationship that had the funds available to satisfy the promissory note. The appropriate paperwork was filed and served and the family received their money.      



A citizen brought a civil action against a business claiming their negligence caused his injuries while in the store. The claim was catastrophic injury rendering the claimant helpless and unable to conduct his normal daily activities. Investigator's were able to collect video evidence that proved not only that he was not helpless, but he could perform activities that most can't when healthy. The evidence was presented and the case was dismissed without further litigation. This evidence saved the business owner thousands in attorney's fees.        

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